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You Time @ The Mind Spa.

Next month I am co-hosting the first Mind Spa with Susanne Jacobs.

The Mind Spa is a collaboration between Her Gathering and The Seven which is Susanne’s training and facilitation company. Susanne created The Seven after decades of research into the neurobiology of human performance – she literally understands what makes us tick!

Together we are bringing guests together to learn practical tools to boost energy, wellbeing and motivation all in the luxurious setting of Champneys Tring.

The content Susanne teaches is based on her research into the neurobiology of motivation and performance. She has spent over a decade researching what motivates us as humans and how can we make life work better by understanding our own minds. I am bringing a sprinkling of Happiness Facilitator magic, with mindfulness exercises and laughter yoga.

Really? Yes.

Let’s be honest as adults we don’t laugh enough and we need to; it feels good and is scientifically proven to benefit our health, what’s not to like?!

We all know time is precious, it is a cliché but true. We are all living in a busy world where demands on us seem to keep growing. Juggling work, life, relationships and our own needs has almost become a sport. This juggle can make being able to integrate the things we most value, the things in your world you hold to be most important, often seem out of reach. The Mind-Spa is designed to help you reset and reboot.

It is designed with practical, science based tools that can help you gain more control and prioritise what is important to you. It is time to focus on you. A time for healthy self-interest and self-care so you can reconnect.

We have designed 1.5 days of learning, along with time to enjoy access to Champneys beautiful spa facilities. Included is one-night accommodation, all meals and wonderful gifts to take home.

So what is on the agenda and what topics will we cover?


· Why our perception can rule our thoughts and actions?

· Personal strengths, values and influence.

· The natural ebb and flow of your cognitive energy.

· The health benefits of positive psychology.


· How to catch, check and change our response to challenging events

· How to increase tolerance of uncertainty and better manage worry

· How to optimise your performance across the day by managing your energy not just your time.


· Enhance personal resilience and wellbeing.

· Deepen your personal sense of control.

· Deepen your confidence, resolve and self-esteem.

Spaces are strictly limited - we are only taking 12 people! Bookings are open now. Follow the link on our Events tab or go to

Hope to see you there.

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