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Updated: Feb 11

How did Her Gathering come about? Well there was one very significant spark that set me off.

I was a full-time marketeer. I worked for some of the biggest global brands. My career spanned two countries and three industries. In the midst of juggling life, trying desperately to not drop any of the important balls (family, work, friends, life) we had a very unexpected death in the family. My young brother in-law died very suddenly. While processing this loss one question kept coming up, "What the $*&£ am I doing?". My days were rushed, stressed and often tainted by a toxic, hostile work environment.

Life is short, we all know that.

Yet it often takes a significant, emotional event to spark a re-set.

This was mine.

I resigned with a whole lot of unexpected elegance thanks to a wonderful career coach and personal clarity that I wanted more for myself. Then I made a promise to fill the gaps I had always found frustratingly lacking locally. One being a series of relaxed events designed for women to encourage real connection, enable shared learning and provide inspiration for making life that little bit better/easier/logical/practical/fun. I wanted an event that wasn't like networking - no elevator pitch, no business cards. I wanted to create community and connection. So I hosted two LinkedIn Local events and quickly realised that:

1. I wasn't the only woman looking for this kind of event;

2. There is a real need to meet 'the person' to get past the profile;

3. The LinkedIn format wasn't inclusive enough;

I wanted all women to feel welcome and see the value in the events for their lives. I wanted full-time mums, career women, small business owners to all feel they could come along. I wanted them to feel they could leave their title and the trite 'What do you do' at the door so they could enjoy some time for themselves, being themselves; time for learning new things, inspiring each other with shared ideas and enjoying amazing conversation.

And that folks, is how I came to start Her Gathering.

The concept is simple:

1. Curated guest speakers each with 30 minutes to share tips, hints and inspiration for life;

2. Opportunity for real connection;

3. Relaxed setting;

4. Tickets include a drink on arrival and nibbles;

5. Strictly no sales pitches, no business card swaps, no referral quotas;

6. And, we build a donation into every ticket price to support young women through The Young Womens Trust UK.

We host evening events as well as retreats, which are all listed here on the website as well as on our Facebook page @HerGathering and on Instagram @her.gathering

We hope to see you soon at one of our events.

Sparking connections. Sharing Inspiration.

Sacha xx

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