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Reigniting Careers is No Joke.

On April 1st, no joke, we will be gathering at Hudson Place in Rickmansworth to hear from Stephanie Dillon, founder of Inclusivity Partners and Co-Founder of The Reignite Academy.

Stephanie is disrupting the traditional recruitment mindset. She is on a mission to change the way society think about returning talent. Many professionals reach a point in their career where they decide to take a step back, a step sideways or take a complete break. There is often a point when they begin to look to step back into the workplace, which is where Inclusivity comes in. With over thirty years experience in recruitment and coaching, the team are committed to providing clients with career opportunities that make the most of their skills and experience, whilst also identifying roles that are flexible enough to integrate with other demands on their time.

In addition to client services, Inclusivity collaborates with innovative and forward-thinking organisations to bring back talented career returners. This is a recruitment agency that recognise the challenges many face when either returning to work after a career break, or attempting to find high-quality, fulfilling roles on a part-time or flexible basis.

In short, Inclusivity’s mission is to create new returner opportunities for this talented, and often over-looked group.

We asked her 5 questions to help you understand what she has created.

Tell us a little about you….(your background, what is it that you do for your customers etc)

I run a business called Inclusivity that partners with large organisations to run Return to Work programmes. These programmes provide on-ramps to those who have had career breaks, are ready to return to work, but who are finding it difficult to access an opportunity due to the barriers in the recruitment market. I am also co-founder of the Reignite Academy, which places Lawyers back into private practice after a career hiatus.

How did you come to be doing what you do?

I worked in large recruitment companies for 15 years, and always noticed that the process was focused on excluding not including. I wanted to set up a business that assisted those who were over-looked by traditional hiring methods, yet who had so much to offer an organisation if they could just get a foot back in.

Tell us a little bit about your journey to get to where you are today?

I was on a career break myself just before I set up Inclusivity. My husband and I had relocated back from Australia to the UK with our 2 children and I wanted to give them time to settle into school. And with a partner who has a full-on job with long days and travel it was going to be difficult for both of us to pursue London/city based careers whilst our children were young because at the same time we discovered that one of our children was neuro-diverse and had SEN needs.

Why do people come to you? Is there a common reason?

People come to us when they are seeking a way back to their career and have found obstacles to that goal. Sadly the minute you have a career break on your CV you start to get over-looked.

But I’ve learnt the hard way that we simply can’t help everyone. So now rather than reacting to everyone who approaches us, we focus our time and energy on uncovering job opportunities within clients and then sharing these opportunities with our community.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

It’s so wonderful catching up with those we have placed back into work after 6 months or so. Their confidence is brimming, their careers are back on track, and they’re really kind in expressing gratitude to us for the work we do, which definitely gives one the warm fuzzy feelings!

I also enjoy challenging clients on their hiring practices and educating them on just how much talent there is out there being over-looked.

Inclusivity Partners are on a mission to reignite careers by challenging the status-quo on how we, as a society, define talent. Find out more at

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