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No Jokes - Her Gathering April 1st

Her Gathering was started to fill a gap that always frustrated me. I wanted a relaxed place to meet other women from the local area without the conversation being determined by:

1) Baby Chat

2) School Chat

3) Elevator Pitches about Products and Services I had no interest in

4) Pushy Sales Pitches

I just wanted a space to meet, chat and share ideas as well as learn something that was useful for me to take into my life regardless of what my 'life' was - parent, work, stay at home Mum. I wanted space just to be me, designed for me. Oh, and I wanted there to be wine. I wanted to all of the above with a glass of something lovely in hand.

So here we are preparing for the second Her Gathering of 2020 - a space where you can make connections, spark ideas and share inspiration with a glass in hand knowing there are STRICTLY no sales pitches.

On April 1st, no joke, we will be gathering at Hudson Place in Rickmansworth to hear from two speakers, Stephanie Dillon, Founder of Inclusivity Partners and Co-Founder of The Reignite Academy. Stephanie will be joined by Peter Penny inspirational adventurer, coach, mentor and speaker.

Stephanie is joining us to talk about the importance, and practicality, of having a strategy to return to work. Ideally, we should have one before we step back or take a break from work but that isn't always possible usually due to circumstances. Having time and space to take a pragmatic step back to think through what we need to do to stay credible, qualified and relevant for the workplace is imperative. Find out more about Inclusivity

Peter is dedicated to helping people understand and express themselves better. As he describes it, Peter is in the second phase of his life which has seen him retrain as a career and personal coach, as well as an expert in presenter training. This second phase started after losing his wife to cancer. In her memory he, as he describes it, spent 'A Year With My Head In The Clouds' as he climbed a mountain a month and ended his epic adventure with an Arctic trek. Now, Peter helps people live more meaningful lives, and he joins us to speak about inspiration, motivation and self awareness. Find out more about Peter and his work at

Tickets for our April 1st event are on sale now. Follow the links on our Events page or visit

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