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Life Extraordinary.

'What do you do when you know that life will never be the same?’

Peter Penny was an accomplished filmmaker, business communicator and global IABC leader. When Penny lost his beloved wife to a brain tumour, he stood at the edge of a precipice. It was in those darkest moments that he embarked on a quest to reach new heights that would change his life forever.

Let's take a couple of steps back for a moment.

When I met Peter it was one of those bizarre moments when the universe seems to insist your paths cross.


And I don't do a lot of Woo Woo stuff.

The week prior I had caught up with a friend for a wine. We chatted about what we were working on and he mentioned his coach. Someone, he insisted, I should meet and perhaps could work with etc. Great, I said and we moved on. The days past and no introduction. I was busy preparing to co-create some content with Susanne Jacobs. I joined her for a business networking presentation to experience her content first hand - doing my due diligence I reviewed the attendee list. One stood out from the 'suited city types' - he was a documentary maker and explorer - interesting, I left it at that.

During the break I went to chat with Susanne before she started her second half of the presentation and a gentleman politely interrupted us to ask a question. I left them to chat and made my way to my table. On the way I admired a guests leather jacket (stunning vintage) and started to chat. The same gentleman interrupted us to greet the guest - an old friend. I excused myself and sat down at the back table to check emails.


The introduction from my friend came through. "Sacha meet Peter. Peter meet Sacha." I looked up and couldn't believe the name of my friends coach was the documentary maker I had googled from the guest list. Not only that, he was the same gentleman who had just interrupted me - twice - very nicely I might add.

And, he was sitting at the next table.

Well the rest is, as they say, history. Lots of goosebumps, "I can't believe it" comments and a conversation later we were connected. I am honoured to be in a position to invite him to share with us his insight and quite frankly, an inspiring story of a life extraordinary.

I. Can't. Wait. April 13th - 7pm, Life Extraordinary will be available on our Facebook page @HerGathering - this is 30 minutes created just for YOU to inspire, reflect and energise.

You can join Peter and I LIVE for Q&A on Her Gathering Zoom on Wednesday 15th April at 7pm. This session will be focusing on Resilience but will be a fantastic opportunity to ask Peter questions about his coaching techniques, his adventures and life so far. It is extraordinary! Spaces are limited. To book go to the events listing on our Facebook page and register.

Until then here is a little about Peter, in his own words. Also, check out his website as it does a far better job then I do illustrating just how extraordinary Peter's life has been so far

Tell us a little about you….

This is Peter. He lost his wife to a brain tumour.

In homage to his late wife he climbed a mountain a month for a year.

His life has been quite a broad spectrum of activities. He is:

  • A creative thinker.

  • He had his own film agency.

  • He is a pilot.

  • He loves horses.

  • He’s often in the Arctic

  • Produced documentaries in the slums of India addressing the lack of female schooling and forced marriages.

  • Produced a film for Cheetah conservation in Namibia.

  • He’s worked and trekked in Southern Turkey and Madagascar;

  • He has also worked and trekked the length of Chile and into the Atacama Desert.

Peters theme is: If not NOW when.

What are some of your go to tools/tips/tricks that make your daily life work?



But the big one is YOGA

Why do people come to you? Is there a common reason?

Many of my current clients have been recommendations. I think one of the catch all answers is that people are looking for Life Career and Adventure balance.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Simply helping people unscramble the muddle of many aspects of their life.

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