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Life Admin Done on the Sofa? Yes please!

#lifeadmin #lifehacks I have complied a brief list of hacks I have found and used myself or read about recently. All of these are personal recommendations and reflect my personal point of view after reading or transacting with them. None of this is paid for (Ha. I wish, actually I need to look into affiliate programmes - another one for the list :)).

I believe in sharing things that work and help make life a little easier to navigate, plus any way to get over the difficult must do's is a winner in my books. Hope there is something here that is of interest to inspire further research and action


LIFE INSURANCE: Been meaning to organise life insurance? This service does the leg work for you getting three quotes for you for FREE.

No commitment to buy but they do follow up! Handy for quick, up to date comparison based on your life stage and goals. Plus it is a brilliant time saver.

Disclosure: I used this for my husband after reading about the founders mission. They were brilliant! 15 minutes on the phone then we had a list of quotes on email followed up with a phone call to discuss and if we wanted to buy (which we did) they did all the leg work.

SPEND TRACKING: Meant to get your personal finances sorted? Here is a good place to start.

If you like to see where your hard earned cash is going this app is packed with helpful, easy to understand tables, graphs and tracking metrics. And, yep, it's FREE.

Disclosure: My husband found this and we started using it as a family.

Another one to check out that is well reviewed is

PENSION: Pension on this list? Have a look at

It combines your pensions into on place and with pensions now a compulsory benefit it is likely we will end up with a few in our working life. Established in 2014 Digital Pension Bee is one of the new breed of fintech disruptors and it is well reviewed. Great, recent review of Pension Bee here

Where was this when I was trying to combine my 4 pensions into 1! ARGH I consulted 3 financial advisors before choosing one I wanted to work with. Your pension provider will likely require you to consult with an independent advisor before approving any funds being moved so use the free consultation services to your advantage. The consultation will usually include a risk profile survey which is handy to understand how you relate to money and growing it. Plus they often do a review of your pensions and make recommendations on how you can consolidate to make it work harder for you. If you do use an advisor remember the consultation holds no obligation. The information is yours and if you don't want to work with them or hear from them again (I had one of those during my 3 visits) email them with a request to destroy your data under GDPR guidelines.

MOBILE: Never moved your contract? This service is free, easy and tested personally by me. Created by a couple of smart students at Cambridge it does what it says on the tin - usually within minutes - it compares your mobile bill to other plans on the market in real time. The recommendation has a list of current offers from various networks available at the time of your comparison that would be better value to you. And you can use it more than once - for FREE! You can also use it to monitor your bill if you do change to check you are getting the best value from it.

Some handy website for reviews and recommendations:…/the-best-budgeting-apps-in-t…

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