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Happiness Why Leave It To Chance?


It is measured globally. The subject of decades of research. It is an annual performance metric ranked above GDP in three countries (all countries led by women by the way). It is a state of being much desired, pursued and measured but more often than not it is left to chance.


We control between 25% to 40% of what happens in our life (the measure depends on which piece of research you read). Regardless of the author, the important note is the level of control/choice/agency we have over our outcomes. However, it is something that is often ignored or misunderstood. With recognition and awareness we can take ownership and control of our life - enabling us to curate things like our own Happiness.

It is important to note that there will always be elements of life outside of our control - like a pandemic. This is not about that. It is also NOT about manifesting a yacht, a wardrobe full of designers clothes and a body like a super model, nor is it about getting that expensive car, large house etc etc. There is so, SO, much research that illustrates that this miswanting does not result in Happiness. Similarly, there are volumes of research showing what can cultivate more Happiness in our everyday lives and it is relatively simple; with practice.

This IS about what we can control. It IS about the specific action/s we can take to enable the outcome to be as we would like it to be. It IS about what reaction we choose in a given situation. It IS about recognising and prioritising things we value over all other things. Family, health, wellbeing, relationships, connection, time to reflect etc etc.

There are elements like simple self management we can address easily which immediately impact our levels of life satisfaction. Simple things like turning off social media notifications and unfollowing friends that cause anxiety, clog your feed or don't add positive commentary to your day. FYI you still remain 'friends' on the social platform. They won't know you have unfollowed them and you can still click on their feed to view updates - but it is when YOU choose to. You just don't have to see their content on your feed which may be triggering you. Instead you can choose what appears in your feed. For example, follow 'friends', 'groups' or pages that contain content that makes you smile, laugh, think etc. Choose content that will enhance your day rather than trigger FOMO or other negative social media induced emotions.

In addition to these simple 'self-administration' type steps there are tools you can use to plan in opportunities for Happiness daily. We will be talking about one of these on the Zoom call this week, 7pm Wednesday 29th April. To register for this practical session RSVP on our events page her on or go to our FB page and select GOING on the event listing. Our session will be a practical one - so bring pen/pencil and paper!

If you are wondering how Happy you are there are numerous surveys and questionnaires you can take to get your personal index. These are usually captured date for ongoing research - so be aware. One of the longest running ones in the UK is the Happiness Survey by Oxford University. To find these simply Google, 'happiness survey questions'.

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