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Grow Your Own Happy

This week is National "Growing for Wellbeing" week ##GYOforWellbeing. With a theme of "Grow Your Own Happy" I thought it too good an opportunity to miss, so leaning further into my Happiness Facilitator work I am hosting a live Zoom session on Wednesday at 7pm to walk guests through planning more opportunities for happiness into their everyday.

Having hosted two session to introduce some of the simple tools available to us to create more happiness in our daily life it feels like a good time to enact some 'social support' and create transparent accountability to help more guests start using the tools.

Intention with effort is what we all need to make lasting change.

It is tough. Especially when we go solo.

Research shows we are more successful in meeting our goals when we are working with intrinsic motivation (that is engaging in something or doing an activity because we enjoy it or are passionate about it) AND, when we recruit social support (not going it alone). It is why training programmes use accountability pods/buddies/systems to help people stay on track. The impact of shared experience over going it alone is significant. Sharing an experience actually amplifies the benefit, it increases the feel good factor, of the action/activity for all involved - even if the experience is simply shared as an intention, anecdote or personal success story.

So this week we are recruiting social support on our live Zoom.

During the session we will be drawing more attention to the environments available to us to practice simple things like mindfulness, such as your garden, green space or windowsill. Gardening is a brilliant exercise to use for practicing mindfulness, and the benefits are two fold. You, the gardener (regardless of the green-ness of your thumbs) can enjoy a range of benefits from decreased anxiety to mental relaxation plus you experience an increased awareness of your surroundings with opportunity to savour the simple beauty of nature. Secondly, nature, benefits from your work - think birds, bees, bugs and natural habitat preservation alongside carbon footprint benefits.

The space needed is irrelevant. You can exercise gardening in urban areas (guerrilla gardening anyone) and it doesn't require scale, your window sill or desk can be your garden - pots and plants come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, the experience need not be digging. Spreading flower seeds in a pavement crack through to harvesting seeds from a wildflower are all gardening activities available to anyone and everyone.

The two things required are awareness and intention. So, with our time on Wednesday evening we will be drawing on both these resources to start developing a personal plan for happiness. Hope to see you there.


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