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Financial Fitness. No sweat required.

Updated: Feb 11

Getting your finances in order need not be exhausting, intimidating or something to avoid. Believe me I know. Simply mention the word 'pension' and I start to glaze over! However, in the spirit of curating guest speakers who can share tips and hints on making some of the challenges we face in life (or tend to avoid) a little easier we have invited Rachana Vyas, an empowering female wealth manager, to join our event on the 20th of February at The Kitchen Croxley to share some ways to start to create financial fitness.

She will be sharing tips and hints including free or low cost tools available now that make investing, pension consolidation and other seemingly difficult/arduous/complex/intimidating financial matters a little easier (maybe even manageable). We asked Rachana 3 questions to help give you a sense of her approach to finances.

Tell us a little about you….

I have worked in Financial Services for over 10 years having worked as a Mortgage Adviser, Paraplanner and now Wealth Manager. I enjoy the challenge of communicating technical knowledge to clients clearly and jargon-free.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I like helping people to achieve their financial ambitions. I help them by breaking down the financial complexity into simple terminology to guide their decision.

My passion is to make Financial Services more accessible to women and improving the recognition of women as an important economic force. This role has empowered me to do just that. I love that it has so much variety; I work across industries, geographies and demographics. My dream is to see women being financial role models for the next generations in their family.

Tell us a little bit about your journey to get to where you are today?

My journey did not start at the point when I decided to become a financial advisor. I developed an interest as a child.

Borrowing was not the familiar trend in our culture, you live within your means and grow your wealth by working hard. My Grandfather always insisted the key was saving 25% of what you earn. This the moto my grandfather lived by - the moto I grew up with. My grandfather was great at hard investments, like water wells, farmlands, properties etc and he made money but also lost a little too.

I became curious about safer ways to investment, ways to build a diversified portfolio to grow my own wealth. At the beginning, my journey seemed impossible due to the vastness and complexity of the economics and politics. But I soon realised you don’t have to know everything. Knowledge comes naturally along the process as long as you are clear on what you are trying to achieve. I learnt the ways to achieve financial growth through robust planning. It is a skill I use myself, and for my clients.

What are some of your go to tools/tips/tricks that make your daily life work?


Staying informed and up-to-date.

It might be articles and market information or even biographies and profiles of successful fund mangers - their life stories. These often have a host of tips on how they achieved financial success; from smart investment moves as well as the failures and risks to avoid repeating.

Rachana will be sharing helpful tips and hints on starting your journey towards financial fitness at our event on the 20th February, at The Kitchen, Croxley Green. Tickets on sale now via our events page and on Facebook @HerGathering

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