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Emotional Freedom Technique

At Her GatHERing part of our mission is to present ideas and inspirations for common, shared questions. A common theme is anxiety.

Many women struggle with anxiety, in one form or another. It is a common, often natural reaction to the unknown and stress inducing situations. However, unchecked and without intentional management it can overwhelm. This is a topic we explore frequently to provide new ideas and avenues for our guests to explore, which is why we are delighted to be working with Kate Moryouseff founder of Coaching By Kate.

Kate is a practitioner of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping. For our next live Q&A Kate is joining us to introduce the technique. Plus, she will coach us on some simple self applications to try together during the session.

This session will be all about self-care, well-being and proactive self-help. Mark it in your diary and register on our events page - Wednesday 24th June, 7pm. For now, here is a little more about Kate and her journey to become an EFT specialist and coach.

Tell us a little about you….

I’m a wellbeing and EFT coach, helping busy and overwhelmed mothers feel calmer, happier and more balanced in their daily lives.

How did you come to be doing what you do?

After working in PR for many years and then having a career break after my fourth child, I knew I needed some time out from working in order to carve a new career for myself, which would offer more flexibility for my family, while offering me a more meaningful and fulfilled life outside of parenting. I have always been interested in healthy living and nurturing my emotional wellbeing after finding myself constantly overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted as a mum of four children. I wanted to help other women who felt similarly stuck and leading a life without purpose or meaning, feel that they can balance their family’s needs alongside their own.

Tell us a little bit about your journey to get to where you are today?

I worked in consumer PR for 14 years, then launched a small plant and succulent business, which to be honest, was more of a selfcare and emotional wellbeing project when I was feeling seriously overwhelmed and exhausted after my fourth child! I used to take myself off and pot plants in vintage containers to sell at home and from markets. It was truly was a soul nurturing project and I loved every minute, even the freezing market days in the middle of winter!

Two years ago, I decided to retrain as a health coach, alongside NLP and EFT (emotional freedom technique). Since then, I have been coaching women, helping them prioritise their own needs using EFT as my main modality. The tapping during EFT helps uncover more deep-rooted issues that tend to hold us back in our lives, prevents us from going for what we want to be doing and helps offer new perspective and insights into our lives, as well as bringing more calm and lightness where we may have felt tension.

What are some of your go to tools/tips/tricks that make your daily life work?

Every day I think about what I can do to nurture myself.

Every day I ensure I have some time out slotted in for either a walk, quiet cup of tea, meditate, read, bath or listen to a podcast. I ensure I carve this time to prevent the burnout that I can often feel if I’ve been on the go non-stop. If I don’t proactively slot this in, it won’t happen and then my family bear the brunt of it. I also try and doing some tapping most days, even a few minutes in the shower or even while I’m walking really helps calm my nervous system and assists me in problem solving when I can’t get out of my own head.

We shouldn’t be martyrs to our families, and they don’t deserve our resentment. We have to take responsibility for what we consume energetically, as well as the stories and beliefs we tell ourselves. It’s up to us to take ourselves out of victim-hood mentality and not someone else to do this for us.

Why do people come to you? Is there a common reason?

I hope people come to me because I’m relatable, I’m also living their lives with the juggle of a busy family and career and still learning on the job. I am passionate about helping my clients feel calmer, more aligned and essentially happier after our sessions. I hope to bring them more clarity and perspective to a situation they hadn’t recognised for themselves. My aim is support and guide as many women as possible to know that more is available to them and they deserve this. To live in a low energy vibration on a daily basis is draining and exhausting and no help to anyone.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I genuinely love helping people feel better and happier. The ripple effect is massive, knowing that their newly recognised passion and meaning can bring joy to their partners, family, friends, as well as their career. Spreading new ways of thinking, more positive mindset possibilities and different insights, can really make a huge difference to most people’s lives.

Register now via our events listing to secure you place for our session with Kate - Wednesday 24th June, 7pm. To find out more about Kate's work find her on Facebook @coaching_by_kate

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