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the condition of having lost ones sense of direction

Yep. I. Am. There.

After months of lockdown and running free weekly Zoom GatHERings we were allowed out in July. We had summer. We had staycations. We celebrated actually being around others; actually that's not right as the 'daylight rule' of high school dances was extended to 1m minimum but still we were around OTHER people. Woohoo! No longer house bound and the sun occasionally made an appearance. As summer drew to a close we met again in person. 10 of us. Socially distanced. Learning about pelvic floor stability and menopause. It felt good to be together again, apart. Feedback was great from guests and the speakers so I felt certain the essence was still right for Her GatHERing.

Now we are back at, what?! Not locked down but we might be if we don't behave etc etc. Yes I am over it but aren't we all?!

So, as we continue to navigate this quagmire of quarantine and virus prevention I am trying to work out what to do with Her GatHERing. Perhaps you can help? I have written a short, 6 minute survey to find out some thoughts, perceptions and also peek into your why. It is a painless survey. 6 minutes, and I will be eternally grateful.

For me the purpose to connect women with answers to common, sometimes personal, questions is still a strong driving force as is creating a space that is pressure free. No titles. No networking. No selling. I remain adament that most women DO NOT respond well to sales. Sales pitches, blah! Selling = Stepping Back, WAAAY Back. Which is why I want to keep things pitch free.

Anyway, I would love to hear from you and maybe some of your friends about what it is you want. What you need in a casual community of women. What appeals and what format works. So, if you do have time and the inclination I would love to hear from you. Survey link is below or you could email me. My address is in the footer.

Thank you! All the best. S

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