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A Wealth Of Time

There is a concept called Time Affluence. It is a fascinating concept for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, time is one of the most common things people state they desire more of to be happier. This is an interesting concept in and of itself, as our time is in fact our own. We lack awareness of how much choice and control we can exercise over where, when and how it is invested.

Secondly, time is finite however it is not absolute (there are conflicting theories on this, but I favour the concept of time as elastic - relative, Einstein time). We can control how, where and when we invest it - with practice we can even control how quickly it passes. When we are in 'flow' or in the 'zone' we can make it speed up - seeming like minutes have passed when in fact hours have flown by as we were absorbed in something we had true interest in. There are also a variety of studies that show people who practice daily mindfulness actually gain time through increased productivity, focus and energy - all positive benefits of mindfulness practice however short. (i.e 1-5 minute exercises of mindfulness count!)

Third, the concept value. We are quick to apply high value to things that are scarce - that is to say the greater scarcity the higher the value of the item - like precious metals and gem stones. However, if we turn the same thinking to time, it is something that is finite, as I have already pointed it, however it is not scarce. Honestly, it isn't. We have the same amount each day. Each day it is how we use or spend it that creates scarcity.

So, if we feel our time is scarce I would argue that the most productive use of some of our time would be in reflection of the "what, where, when, how" of its use. If it is not being invested towards something we hold to be of true value, the compulsion should be to stop the mindless spending and implement tools to increase our mindful investment.

I realise this is easier said then done, especially as we all have commitments as well as basic human needs that our time needs to be invested in - eating, sleeping etc. However, small mindful changes can provide significant improvements in our time investment strategies. Applying awareness and exercising control can pay dividends in productivity, energy and well-being - ultimately increasing our happiness. It isn't hard but it does take practice. Join the Her Gathering live zoom session this week to learn a simply tool that may help you do just this. Or drop me a Private Message if you would like to chat about the concept further.

Having Time Affluence is possible. We just need to practice:)

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