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Deliberately sales and pitch free.

Get Inspired.

Life hacks and ideas to action, helping you find your happy.

Monthly Events

Connect in small groups with exclusive access to our guest speakers.

Sparking Connection

Share time with other like-minded women.  This is a space for you to be you, rather than that thing you do.


What is Her GatHERing?

Her GatHERing is a space to be you, rather than that thing you do.  We host on and off line events where women can enjoy satisfying, life affirming talks, find inspiration and connection.

Spend the evening in great company with a thought-provoking speaker and a glass of whatever takes your fancy in your hand.

Her GatHERing events are deliberately pitch and pressure-free. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, or anywhere in between, your evening will be filled with interesting discussion about something you want to learn about and you will leave with the tools you need to apply it in your life. Finance, capsule wardrobes, resilience, and decluttering are some of the topics we have covered. We focus on topics that get you where you want to be and living your best life.

It’s face-to-face, true ‘no pressure’ connection. Our online events take place in the same spirit as our meetings in delightful venues. 

Her GatHERing brings together women online via Zoom and at face-to-face events, primarily in Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Maple Cross, Denham, The Chalfonts and surrounding areas.


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